Friday, December 2, 2016

A Quick English Quiz for Food

Every time I see someone orders (or when I order myself) food from a sub sandwiches restaurant I feel that the customer is in a quick English quiz where they stand in the front of the person preparing the sandwich and reciting the names of vegetables in English (tomatoes, cucumber, pickles, olives, etc...) , I think many people (and sometimes I'm one of them) are actually worried about the correct pronunciation of the topping's name in case of someone behind them in the line hears. There is another type of people who just make it extremely simple... they just say "everything".

I have always wondered why they call this kind of sandwiches "Subs" or "Submarines", according on what I understood from this Wikipedia article, the name mainly came from the shape of the sandwich which is similar to a submarine. The article also mentions some other probable reasons.

An interesting information that I found in this Wikipedia article, says that first Subway opened outside of North America was opened in Bahrain in December 1984.


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Hello World!

Welcome to my blog.

I have decided to keep a blog -that may be no one will read- just to keep track of my ideas and may be someone out there one day will read it.

The decision that I'm going to create this blog on blogger (blogspot) came after considering that I wanted to create something simple where I just focus on the content instead of focusing on the design of the blog and all the other technical aspects. As a technical person, I have created so many websites before (which most of them never saw the light, read on to find out why!) where I spent my energy on the technical aspects of having a website such as the type of hosting I'm going to get, the type of Content Management System (CMS) I'm going to use, and the domain name I'm going to use, and then after reaching to a decision after a lot of thinking and re-thinking, my attention usually shifts to the next step of technical dilemma where I start thinking about the look and feel of the website and which theme I'm going to use and what header image I'm going to place, etc, etc.  And after doing all that, I ended up not willing to write about anything in that beautiful page because I'm too worried about the looks of the website, just like an artist who spent way too much time and energy creating his canvas and then he becomes too afraid to paint anything in that beautiful canvas because he had spent so much energy creating it! For these reasons I have decided to go for something really simple and didn't need any technical knowledge, and for a platform that is designed to provide this service for free to the masses (no, this is not an advertisement for Blogger).

I mean, if you really think about it, how many persons in this world is actually maintaining his virtual presence on the web by building his own website compared to the number of persons who just depend on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter? And how many persons are using free emails provided by Google's gmail or Microsoft's Hotmail or by Yahoo instead of paying for "more professional" alternatives?

At the end, I hope that this blog will be a useful and entertaining  space where ideas can be wrote and read by whoever stumbles upon this blog.

If you have any comments or feedback or you just want to start a discussion, feel free to comment to a post and I will get back to you.